Introducing Proton Servers Host Affiliate Program

  • Sunday, 6th February, 2022
  • 15:48pm

Proton Servers Host is pleased to announce the public release of our Affiliate system. Our affiliate program gives you the opportunity to generate an affiliate link with zero investment, minimal effort and receive a upfront 25% on any sales made through this link for the service sold.

Affiliate Program Features

  • 25% upfront commission on initial purchase
  • 31 days withdraw period (Payouts available after 31 days of service purchase)
  • Payout options: account credit, PayPal
  • $3 starting bonus
  • Ability to get payed out at a low withdrawal balance of $25
  • Payouts processed within 72 Hours
  • Any order placed by the visitor within 3 month of clicking the affiliate link will be counted and you will earn a commission

Clients registered on our client area ( are welcome to use the Affiliates link on the navigation bar in order to have the program activated for their account, and receive a customized affiliate link to use.

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